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Steps Taken to Protect Gelcoat


Johnathan Lang

On a previous video I showed the outside of the screws holding the cup this is on the interior 5200 Teflon washers with lock nuts so it's just not self tap screws holding down the cap with 5200 they are actually through bolted keep it in place lock nut washers so they don't back out from all the vibration and you have filling up in the gaps guys are in the process of doing that now the boat's painted with this blue protection it's almost like a silicone thick to protect from any scratches any damage tools dropping you those ni things once the stainless steel hardware is installed they tape over it and then they cover it with the blue stuff so you get no stainless steel scratches all these little cutouts that they've done in the blue means that there's going to be a rod holder or a cup holder this is for your fuel fills coming in on either side taping up all the edges so nothing gets damaged ed bow cleats are already in taped and covered up with the blue product the edges again.

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