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Our Story

I was born and raised on a small Caribbean island, surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. From a young age, I was fascinated by the beauty of the ocean and spent most of my childhood fishing and diving with my father. My father was a successful businessman and taught me the skills, work ethic and knowledge necessary to survive and thrive in the marine world.

Growing up, I developed a deep love and respect for the sea and all its creatures. I spent countless hours fishing and diving, discovering new and exotic species, and learning about the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. My father was always there to guide me, teaching me the importance of sustainable fishing practices and the dangers of overfishing.

As I grew older, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the maritime industry. I was determined to continue my father's legacy of success and contribute to the preservation of the ocean and its wildlife. In 2011, I moved to the United States with the vision to become a Superyacht captain. After completing the necessary courses, and gaining “white boat” experience working my way up from 61ft to 187ft yachts I obtained my 200 ton Yacht Master. Although working on super yachts taught me many valuable skills and raised my standards for high-end guest services and attention to detail, I realized that being a captain on a larger vessel was disconnecting me from what I loved and enjoyed about the ocean. So, I decided to start a yacht brokerage and management company that enabled me to utilize what I’d learned to help my clients fully enjoy the beauty of the ocean with their loved ones on a well maintained vessel tailored to their needs.

Starting a business from scratch was a challenging but rewarding experience. I worked tirelessly to build a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner to yacht owners, offering a full suite of services including brokerage, management, maintenance, and crew placement. With the support of my family and the lessons I learned from my father, I was able to grow my business into a thriving operation.

Today, I am proud to be a part of the maritime community, helping others experience the beauty and wonder of the ocean. I continue to be inspired by the ocean's majesty and remain dedicated to preserving its delicate balance for future generations. Whether I am on a dive, fishing trip, or simply enjoying the view from my office, I am grateful for the life I have built and the memories I have made.

Whether you enjoy using your boat once per week or once per month, schedule a free consultation to see how we can best customize a plan for your boating wants & needs.

Johnathan Lang

Owner & Operator,

Mainstay Management & Consulting

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